The global workplace forces us to improve our communication skills. Irrespective of the field, job, and expertise, you need to be an effective communicator in order to move up the career ladder.

There are three main ways of communication in business: verbal, non-verbal and written. All of them are essential. Yet, the latter leads the list as the basic one for most jobs. No matter what level of hierarchy you are at in a company, writing skills are a valuable asset.

The list of written business communication is quite long. It includes emails, letters, reports, company brochures, presentation slides, case studies, sales materials, visual aids, social media updates, and other business documents. Whether you are connecting internally with colleagues and executives or externally to clients, the way you write can either give your career a boost or hamper your progression within the organization. Read on to see 10 benefits a good writer can get.

1. Writing skills ensure effective business communication

Business correspondence helps a company connect with partners and stakeholders. Everything you write must be tailored in a proficient, comprehensive, and informative way. Thus, the receivers will clearly understand your message.

If a text is poorly written and structured, the subordinates will have troubles with deciphering it. The message may be misinterpreted.

2. Writing skills make the difference between “good” and “bad” employees

If you are in college now, academic paper writing may seem a difficult task for you. Many students cannot fit into the deadlines and hire services like EssayPro. Wait until you need to craft a strong resume and cover letter. That is a real challenge. A document filled with grammatical errors will never make a favorable impression.
Professionals are good at composing clear messages. Employers value such workers. That’s why hiring managers recruit these individuals.

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If you already have a job, practice writing skills in order to stand out among your co-workers. Senior management is generally more favorably disposed towards an employee who can create excellent documentation.

3. You demonstrate your intelligence

Even if your job doesn’t require a lot of writing, how you come across is crucial. A few grammatical or punctual errors may seem minor. But people do notice. And they tend to think that those who don’t write well are less intelligent than those who do.

Don’t let anyone dismiss you because of your poor writing skills. A few minutes of proofreading can improve the way you are perceived. Flawless documents will present you a smarter person than a colleague whose work is full of typos.

4. Good writers are credible

People with advanced writing skills are perceived as more reliable and trustworthy. It is easy to prove. Imagine that you receive an email where you notice odd abbreviations and misspelled words. What will be the first impression of the sender?

Two options are possible. And none is satisfactory for the sender. Either the person is not competent and neglects proofreading or is simply unintelligent.

Aim to be perceived as credible in the workplace. It makes you dependable, assigned with more responsibility, and a right candidate for promotion.

5. You can be more influential

Good persuasion skills help you to influence others to achieve your goals. Professors assign their students to write persuasive essays in order to prepare them for the job market by developing these significant skills.

If you are creating taglines and calls-to-action for your organization, you need to know how to develop a copy that will encourage the reader to take action. If you are describing an innovative idea that can improve a process to your manager, you should sound convincing. Every paper must communicate your ideas effectively.

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6. Business writing conveys courtesy

The content of formal business correspondence mirrors the same level of politeness and considerate attention to detail that is shown in face-to-face interaction. A courteous business letter expresses the writer’s personal respect for the receiver and the company they work for.

Professionals take into consideration formatting and etiquette. They also pay attention to their personal tone, clarity, and logic. They avoid poor word choice and grammar. These things can come across as lazy or even rude.

7. Writing skills help to keep good records

Information that is communicated orally isn’t kept for long. That’s why students take notes of lectures. As scholars use their notes to write essays, you can apply your records in your work.

Saving information on paper is the best way of preserving it for years. In fact, the most accurate knowledge that has reached us from many centuries back was from books.

8. You boost your professional confidence

Every business document has its purpose. You write a business proposal to attract investors or find partners. You send emails to reach potential customers. You craft a report to impress your boss.

When written communication leads a business to another successfully completed project, you become more confident and inspired. And writing itself gets easier.

9. You promote yourself and your career

If you are the best business communicator in your office, coworkers will ask you to for help in editing their writing pieces before they go to their supervisors. Word will get around. If the company needs someone to draft effective emails, they will ask someone who writes with clarity and accuracy. Guess who they will turn to?

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The better your writing skills are, the more responsibility you will be given. That’s great for you and your future career success!

10. Business writing builds a solid web presence

Business is all about presentation. Owners aim to set up an effective online presence. It helps potential customers discover the company and its products. To attain this goal, they create websites, blogs and social media accounts.

Quality content is a decisive factor here. A person who can present business in the best light and convince people to buy products or services is an irreplaceable employee.

Now you know why writing skills are significant to your career success. It is time to improve your business communication skills and reap the benefits it may bring. Otherwise, your co-workers or competitors will leave you behind.

About the Author: Michelle Brooks manages blog editing of the educational resource. As the guest blogger, she specializes in e-learning, career and self-development.

Source: Business World

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