The Consistency Issue of SUCCESS magazine is a guidebook for lifelong learning, establishing positive habits and the dogged pursuit of bold dreams, i.e. consistent personal growth. Inside, you’ll find articles on things like power habits and super growth, the perfect morning routine and how to unleash creativity, and so much more. The best part is that you can turn all of the advice you read into immediate results with these 10 steps:

1. Get a little trippy.

Overwork may be necessary sometimes, but should not be your default mode, as it leads to burnout. If you’re sensing its effects, plan a little getaway and ease off the throttle.

2. Lose control.

To get the most done, you cannot do it all. Delegation is an important skill for any leader. It may go against your perfectionist nature, but you need to trust the people around you.

3. Re-enroll.

The same concepts that educators bring to lesson-planning can help you in lifelong learning. What skill do you need to improve drastically on? Plan a nine-month curriculum for it this weekend.

4. Dream big.

What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Maybe you’re imagining a career change or something significant to occupy you in retirement. Get clarity with a lengthy journaling session.

5. Get the worm.

Take two weeks to give Robin Sharma’s 20-20-20 method a try. Wake up at 5 a.m. to spend 20 minutes exercising, 20 minutes in prayer or reflection, and 20 minutes focused on personal growth.

6. Lead yourself.

Know that the success of the people around you is vital to the team’s success, and their success is largely dependent on you. Make it a personal goal to read at least one leadership book per quarter.

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7. Set a stretch goal.

To achieve his highest-grossing month ever, our solopreneur writer needed only to reframe his personal expectations. Commit to doing more than you thought possible by writing down a big goal.

8. Have no fear.

When we’re growing, we’re also bound to stumble and fall. Failure is a crucial aspect of success. If you’re worried about an upcoming result, try sketching out its potential benefits.

9. Find a mentor.

Kathy Ireland credits many of her achievements to the lessons she’s learned from her many mentors. If you don’t have one, ask around locally. Find out who can teach you something you don’t know.

10. Build a universe.

If creativity is part of your work and life, make a concerted effort to not constrain yourself with artificial limits. What other applications of your creativity have you not considered?

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine. Subscribe to the magazine here!


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