How do you stay positive after a failure or setback?

stay positive after a failure

IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that no single outcome of failure is the defining moment of one’s life. Introspection and the perspective that each failure is simply a lesson on what approach doesn’t work has helped me stay positive and learn from my mistakes.

—Sohin Shah, founder of InstaLend

stay positive after a failure

KEEPING YOUR EYE ON THE MAIN GOAL and larger picture is a great way to stay positive after a failure or setback. We all know and generally accept the idea of two steps forward, one step back. Taking what you can from each experience, positive or negative, and moving forward toward your main goal is the best way to stay positive. 

—Carisa Miklusak, CEO of tilr

stay positive after a failure

NOTHING IS A FAILURE if you’re able to learn something from it, and you can almost always learn something from any setback. Work toward a mindset that every experience is about learning something, both good and bad, and you’ll find yourself on the positive side each time.

—Brandon Houston, CEO of Switch Video

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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