What is something you’re continually striving for and why?

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THE ONE THING I STRIVE FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY IS TO OUTDO MYSELF from the previous day. This daily goal has resulted in growth being the only constant in my life ever since I started my company in 2012. Reflecting and learning from the mistakes of the past helps me better myself. I strive to be a better version of myself every day.

—Nishant Shah, CEO and founder of BannerBuzz

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AFTER YOU’VE FOUNDED A COMPANY WITH A PRODUCT IN MIND, you have to think through a lot of important things. There’s not just one thing you continually strive for. There are many things in a system that are necessary to each other, and they all serve the purpose of moving toward your goal. I have to prioritize ruthlessly to make sure I get the most important things done. I have to stay calm in the face of adversity, so that I can lead the team through it.

—Chris Nicholson, CEO and founder of Skymind

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I’M CONTINUALLY WORKING TO CREATE A STRONG AND GRATIFYING WORK CULTURE for our 100 percent remote team. Allowing individuals to work on their own terms is something I strongly believe in, but it’s important that the systems in place support that effort. I’m always looking for ways to make the remote work experience more efficient from a process standpoint, and more enriching from a personal one.

—Zack Onisko, CEO of Dribbble

Rachel Beider

I’M THE HAPPIEST WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE I’M MAKING PROGRESS. Regardless of the level you’re at, you’ve never really made it. There’s always progress to be made, and I strive for that.

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—Rachel Beider, CEO of PRESS Modern Massage

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
Photo by MJGraphics / Shutterstock

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