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ThriVers Academy is a self-enhancement and capacity development institute set up to walk the paths of success hand in hand with individual enrolees from the base of awareness to the heights of accomplishments.
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Purpose-to-Profits Training

A 10-week online interactive session

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Creative Writing

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Practical insights on personal growth and professional development.

10 Proven Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset.

Believing and knowing that you are constantly improving and have the capacity to be good, and better at what you do is what it means to have a growth mindset. Naturally, things do not go our way all the time but we find ways to make things work. As humans, it's...

Cultivating an Attitude of Excellence

Cultivating an Attitude of Excellence

It is easy to attribute excellence to having straight A’s, becoming a partner in the firm, attaining the executive position, and crushing your monthly margin for your business. 

Peer Pressure in Business: What’s True and What’s Not?

Peer Pressure in Business: What’s True and What’s Not?

It’s a pretty famous phrase, isn’t it, peer pressure? We don’t need the best memory in the world to remember all the school programmes when we were younger, all the books and talk about peer pressure. Stay away from peer pressure. Peer pressure is this, peer pressure...

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